War/Photography Review- Reading Response

The NPR article reviews the exhibition War/Photography at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington in 2013. The exhibition exhibited photography dating back to the 1800’s and some of the most well-known photo’s including soldiers raising the flag and Iwo Jima and photographs from the Spanish Civil War. The author, Amaria, however describes the way the exhibition was curated by curator Anne Tucker as something that made it remarkable.

The exhibition is organized “in the order of war” according to curator Tucker. For example one part of the gallery was titled “Aftermath: Shell Shock and Exhaustion” which contained pictures going beyond the war into its aftermath. The images are therefore connected through patterns and themes not chronologically or by the war they were made during. Tucker wanted the exhibition to open up conversation between visitors by presenting the subject in such a different way than usual, and allowed a room for feedback from visitors entitled “Reflection.”


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