Kevin Carter- Blog Post

Kevin Carter was a white South African photographer who worked during apartheid in South Africa as well as covering the famine in Sudan in the 1990’s. I first came across Carter in an installation about his life that I saw at the MCA Chicago. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the artist’s name but the installation examined how Carter took a photograph of a starving child that incited a variety of reactions from the public, including a Nobel Prize but Carter committed suicide shortly after his Nobel Prize.

Carter’s life and suicide give us an extreme example of the suffering of war photographer’s having to cover tragedy repeatedly with little ability for intervention. Besides his Nobel Prize winning photo of the starving child in the Sudan, Carter also documented the tumultuous political climate of South Africa including a famous photograph of the shooting of a member of the Neo-Nazi Afrikaner Resistance Movement. Carter was often arrested by the South African government as his work went against their strict Apartheid-era laws. KEvin CarterAWB


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