Reading response: “Artist Taryn Simon on Filling the Park Avenue Armory With Professional Mourners” – VOGUE

I though it was so interesting when we discussed in class the act of mourning and how differently nations and groups around the world treat such a ritual that is inherent to the human condition. Everyone suffers from loss and how we experience that seems like it could be more similar than different, yet how we express it seems like its vastly different and influenced so heavily by society and tradition. I have only experiences a few losses in my life in terms of relatives or friends passing away, but I have always noticed the difficulty of how I should act and contemplate during such times. The society I have lived in seems to never encourage outward expression during a time of mourning. Celebratory actions seem to never occur, yet in other culture they way mourning is dealt with seems to become much more public and less private (however I feel that mourning is always internalized no matter who.) This is why I find Taryn Simon’s piece so interesting as she brings in a collection of mourners to take part in a piece combining their voices that vary given their unique backgrounds. I find some interesting problems that the article points out such as its emphasis on payment and other interactions with the performers. It would have been very interesting to experience this piece in person.


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