The shot that nearly killed me: Adam Ferguson

In this article about the shot that nearly killed me, there are various accounts of photographers who had near death experiences, but i chose to write about the one done by Adam Ferguson in Afghanistan. In this article he recalls being the first one on the scene because normally at a bomb scene like that the authorities would shut down the entire area to prevent anyone from getting in.  However, Adam was able to get into the center of where the explosion had been and had seen mutilated bodies and fire, while also hearing screeches from the survivors in shock and pain.  He recounts feeling very scared because there was still continual popping and hissing from the smaller explosions as the building had been collapsing.  At this point in time there was still a risk of another bomb going off, and he said “it was one of those situations where you have to put fear aside and focus on the job at hand: to watch the situation and document it.

The photo that was taken was a women being escorted out of a building accompanied by a soldier and civilian, while she’s frantically screaming and in pain. Adams believed that this women completely capture the entire mood of the tragic event.  He talks about seeing this women who was at the wrong place at the wrong time in this tragic event, which he really wished he could have figured out how she felt then and how she’s doing now.  “As a photographer you feel helpless.  Around you are medics, security personnel, people doing good work. It can be agonizingly painful to think that all you’re doing is taking pictures.” After taking these photos he won a World Press award, which he felt sad about because people had been congratulating him and celebrating him heavily all about this tragic event that he captures.  He believes he made up for it though by deciding that his purpose was for the people to see his story through the lens of his camera.Adam-Ferguson-Afghanistan-007

The shot that nearly killed me. (Accessed April 27, 2017)


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