Blog Posts 1-10

While posting after each writing would have been more logical, I ended up writing all my blogposts on one massive word document because I would often write them on the go after watching documentaries or TEDTalksX for my self, and connecting them to the course. Below are the links to all the “sparks”, and the word document of where I responded to them.

“Not What Happened but Why” – New York Times article – Responding to Susan Sontag’s “Regarding the Pain of Others”

Sebastian Salgado – The Guardian article – Making beautiful pictures from tragedy

Bocas de ceniza – Juan Manuel Echavarría – My response to this video shown in class

11 powerful photos from the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide – The Washington Post article – Reading the article and critically analyzing the “beauty” of the photos

To Succeed in Business, Major in Art History – Huffington Post Article about why being an Art Historian is important in the way you view the world

“Let my photographs bear witness” James Nachtwey – TEDTalkX on War Photography

Audacious – Denver Art Museum Exhibit – “British artist Damien Hirst famously said, “Art survives through its effect on others.” As a leader in the contemporary art world, he, like his peers, considers making art a way to convey ideas about culture, human relationships, the environment, and politics.” – (DAM website)

Doris Salcedo – The video we watched on her public works/activism and how I reacted to it.

Mi Tierra – Denver Art Museum Exhibit – I intern(ed) at the DAM for all of this past semester, and I had the privilege of seeing the installation of this exhibit, which explores the idea of home. In the FUSE BOX space, there is a piece on Native Americans and the land they lost through war and the repercussions they are still effected by.

Sebastian Junger Remembers Tim Hetherington – Vanity Fair article – Reaction and remembering Tim Hetherington






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