Sarajevo Red Line Memorial Event

The Sarajevo Red Line was a memorial event organized between the City of Sarajevo and East West Theatre Company which commemorated the Siege of Sarajevo’s 20th anniversary. It was held on April 6, 2012, in the main Sarajevo street, and consisted of a large red chair installation.

Directed by Haris Pasovic, the event remembers all who were killed in the Siege of Sarajevo, approximately 11,541 people died . A total of 643 were children were killed during the siege, therefore, 643 of the chairs in Sarajevo Red Line were small – representing the slain children. Some people placed teddy bears, little plastic cars, and other toys or candy as gifts to the deceased children who were killed during the Siege.

The siege of Sarajevo lasted 44 months and is considered today as the longest in modern history. Most of the people killed in the city were hit by snipers and bombs fired from the surrounding Serb-controled mountains.The April 6, 2012 commemoration was the first time that Sarajevo has put on an official program of this scale in memory of the victims of the siege. In 2014, exhibition of photographs from the Sarajevo Red Line opened in Istanbul, Turkey.



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