Portraits of mothers in Venezuela’s murder crisis

I believe portrait photography is incredibly powerful in connecting emotionally. The images from this article remind me of the video we watched in class where close ups of Columbian people’s faces were displayed on screen as they sang their own tunes to the camera about loss and violence in the their country. The presence of violence in Venezuela is similar to that of other countries in Central and South America. Thousands of people disappear and are murdered in the country. Venezuela’s capital has become know as the murder capital of the world. In the article below, a series of emotional photographs of mothers who have lost children to violence evoke incredible emotion in the viewer. Not only do the visuals cast sorrow, but the stories that accompany the photographs explain of mishaps and other wrongful reasons that the mothers’ children were killed. An intimate look at objects and spaces related to their children attach deeply emotional memory to the mothers.



Link to article:



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