Week 1          Introduction
Jan 17

Week 2          Dix and Picasso
Jan 23/25

Paper due Jan. 31, 3 comments on other papers

4 pages, in a word document, uploaded to the blog as a PDF file or word document.
Compare Dix’s War Triptych and Picasso’s Guernica. What are good questions to ask?
What decisions about the visual language did the artists make? What is the effect they achieve on the viewer? Some research should inform your paper.

Also, in a separate post, share with us one work on war, with an image and a brief description!

Week 3          The Grotesque: Goya, Dix, and the Chapman Brothers
Jan 30 / Feb. 1

Presentations in class. Pick one work by Goya and one by Dix and explain what kind of the grotesque each exemplifies.
This needs to be based on the essay by Frances Connelly, Modern Art and the Grotesque

Week 4          Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others
Feb 6 / 8

Student Presentations on one chapter of
Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others

Week 5          The Power and Failure of War Photography
Feb 13 / 15

Present the work of a war photographer!

Week 6          Questioning the Documentary
Feb 20 / 22

Omer Fast, An-My Le, Emily Jacir, Walid Raad

Week 7          Testimonial and Empathy
Feb 27 / March 1

Week 8          Iconoclasm and Denying Images
March 6 / 8

Week 9          Atmosphere and Simulation
March 13 / 15

no class, visit The Cell

Week 10        Alfredo Jaar
March 20 / 22

March 27/31       Spring Break

Topic of your presentation and final paper due April 3

Week 11        Memorials
April 3 / 5

Week 12        Mourning Rituals
April 10 / 12

Week 13         Student Presentations

April 17:



April 19:


Week 14         Student Presentations

April 24



April 26



Week 15         Student Presentations

May 1



May 3