For Feb. 27: Testimonial and Experience

This weekend, please look into Claude Lanzmann’s 1985 film “Shoah,” which was ranked second of the “50 Greatest Documentaries of All Time” in a December 2015 poll by the British Film Institute. There are many snippets from this 9-hour film available on You Tube. I imagine if we all watch different ones, we can exchange on what we watched in class.

Here are some articles on Lanzmann:

On the Making of Shoah

2011, why his documentary still matters

Spectres of Shoah, 2016 HBO documentary on Lanzmann (on HBO).


The 9/11 Memorial Museum promises to be provide an interactive experience. Check out this virtual tour.


Also, if you have time to visit The Cell, right opposite the Denver Art Museum, your experience could enrich our discussion on Monday and Wednesday. The CELL is an acronym for Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab. They have a clear agenda, which I won’t reveal, and they rely on a very interactive strategy.


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