4,000 U.S. Deaths

This article is about the case of a Zoriah Miller a freelance photographer who was banned from covering the Marines after he posted several photos of soldiers graphic deaths.  Miller who had taken images of the marines kill in a suicide attack and posted the images online was banned from working with the Marine corps any longer.  As opposed to the Vietnam war where photojournalists were given open access to the scenes of battle, the Iraq war was different in that after five years and 4,000 american deaths, only very few photographs showed up. This brings up the issue of trying to communicate with the world and show people what’s happening without the government trying to cover it up like how the Bush administration had done.

Journalists today believe that it’s much harder than it was in earlier years to accompany troops on combat missions where they could photograph the events firsthand and share them with the public.  In the article it even talks about how memorial services for killed soldiers, which once use to be open to the public is now very hard to gain access to. They even talk about how taking photos of prisoners and detainees now is exceedingly difficult, and makes their entire job harder because they can’t uncover the truth to the public. Miller said, “It is absolutely censorship, I took pictures of something they didn’t like and the removed me. Deciding what i can and cannot document, I don’t see a clearer definition of censorship.”  The Marine corp responded to Miller’s claim, saying that they weren’t trying to place limits on the news and media, but rather because he had broken embedded regulations. However in a case where Miller’s photos were under review, an initial assessment showed he had not violated any embedded rules.

Eventually when Miller was 32 he was embedded with Company E of the Second Battalion, where he denied the Marines request to join the city meeting, and would instead go on a trip with foot soldiers nearby.  He then witnessed a suicide bomber inside the council meeting who ended up killing 20 people, 3 of which were marines.  His photos show a scene of pure horror and mutilation with body parts scattered. These images were also questioned, which is what this entire article is all about.  The countless deaths of U.S. soldiers, but only little photographic evidence to show about it.

4,000 U.S. Deaths. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/26/world/middleeast/26censor.html?_r=2&pagewanted=1 (Accessed April 27, 2017)


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