David Rockwell-A Memorial at Ground Zero-Schuyler DeMarinis-Blog Post #6


This TED talk with David Rockwell about the making of the memorial at Ground Zero gives an interesting background to the events that occurred after 9-11 for the immediate healing of New York. Much of this goes unnoticed because of how much change and rebuilding that has taken place at the site since 2001. I invite you all to watch this TED talk because it brings new light to topics we have touched on in class.

groundzero banner

Ground zero became the main attraction of the city of New York. They immediately built an observation platform where the public could get closer to what is no longer there. “There was an overwhelming need to act now,” Rockwell stated. They then needed to create this memorial quietly to prevent controversy and opposition. They had a week to put this together, so they found contractors, funding, and of course ran into problems right away. The memorial needed to be built though, for the demand of the visiting public, and for the rebuilding of the City of New York.


David Rockwell’s firm created a simple piece that was about 300 feet on an incline, then a short viewing area, and then back down around a corner another 300 foot decent. This in my eyes gives you time for thoughts on the way up, you then experience Ground Zero, and then reflection as you walk back down. They created it with quick and cheap materials that would not be a permanent piece but very necessary at the time.


I find the whole situation to be very disconcerting, especially now in 2017 that we have the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. There was an immediate drive to have something for the people of New York to have to mourn and pay respect the loss that occurred on September 11, 2001. This was then met with direct opposition. There was no perfect answer and no matter what was presented there was somebody who had an issue with it.



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