Jake and Dinos Chapman: how we made Hell-Kate Abbott-Schuyler DeMarinis-Reading #7

The project Hell created by Jake and Dinos Chapman plays off of many aspects of the grotesque. They look at the grotesque, as something needed to appreciate what we have. It is there for us to be able to laugh at as well as be disgusted by. It is about everything bad about being human. There is freedom when you use the grotesque in your work. Hell is a fascinating experimentation of this.



   In another interview with the brothers, you learn that they work off of Goya’s work. I remember we spoke about Goya using the grotesque at the beginning of this class. I thought of him using the elements of the carnivalesque, the combination of man and animal, a mutation of sorts. There are elements of the carnivalesque in much of the Chapman Brothers work. The Unameable is an excellent example of this mutated human form.


The Unameable

Watch the video below!



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