Syrian War Artist: Tammam Azzam

The Syrian civil war and revolution has destroyed millions of homes and displaced and separated thousands of families. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and now entering almost 7 years of war the displaced citizens and refugees still try to remain connected with their home country through any way that they can.

A lot of active syrian artists have dedicated their work to the conflict, trying to show the pain and devastation of those effected by the awful war through paintings and photography. One of which is Tamman Azzam, a Syrian citizen who fled from Damascus, Syria to Dubai to escape the war. Azzam says his work changed after the revolution began, because it seemed more important to dedicate his war to the conflict. “My work was not the only thing that changed because of the war, we all changed and our opinions and perspectives on everything changed.”

His work tends to incorporate a mixed media of photography, and his own illustrations, creating a contrast of surreal and the real.

'Demonstration'-Tammam Azzam uses visual composites of the conflict that have resonated with viewers [Tammam Azzam]


'Matisse'-Tammam Azzam


‘Instant Photo’



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