Amal Kassir

Amal Kassir is a 20 year old Syrian/American poet or spoken artist, who is actually based in Denver, CO. She is a University student, majoring in Child Phycology, Writing and Education so she can develop a curricula for refugee children with trauma. Kassir lived in Syria for many years and says her time there helped her understand the people’s suffering while the freedoms she has in America allowed her to become an activist on their behalf. At 18, she had performed for slam poetry at festivals and political rallies around the U.S She has performed in 8 countries  and over 30 cities.

She runs a project called More than Metaphors that focuses on the education initiative for displaced Syrian children, but uses the grass roots to bring communities together for all conversations.

On April 4th, just a few weeks ago 10 of her family members were killed in Syria in a bombing. Kassir announced this tragedy while performing on stage, just a day after it happened. Her announcement and performance got a lot of attention and went viral on the internet. Her performance was even featured by the website Now This, and she gained a lot of support and encouragement after her performance received so much attention.

Below is the video of her performance.


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