Jim Goldberg- Dayton

I came across one of Jim Goldberg’s photos in an article in the NYT style magazine in which an artist reinterpreted famous photographs in play-doh. This is obviously slightly silly but I looked at some of Goldberg’s portfolios and found some stunning photography. He has photographed conflict torn regions of the world including the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also in his perhaps most famous project Raised by Wolves Goldberg documented for ten years the lives of runaway and homeless children in California . In Goldberg’s work he often has his subjects annotate the photographs with handwritten notes, in an attempt for them to be heard.


this is a link to an article about his project Open See which was about refugees that began surrounding the 2004 Athens’ Olympics. This is obviously as relevant now as it was then as Greece continues to receive refugees due to its location. jim_goldberg_17




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