Judy Chicago- Holocaust Project- Dayton

The Holocaust Project by Judy Chicago is a series of works by Chicago completed from 1985-93. Chicago and her husband Donald Woodman began this project due to an interest in exploring the horrors of the holocaust because they felt they were ignorant, and being Jewish felt a responsibility to learn and explore. Chicago and Woodman felt that confronting this painful subject could produce a project that could help viewers confront humanity and see the world in a different way. banality of evil .jpg

Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman, Banality of Evil/Struthof, 1989, sprayed acrylic, oil, and photography on photolinen, screen printing and fabric on photolinen

This piece stood out to me due to the interesting combination of Chicago’s very stylized painting interacting with a photograph. The title of the piece references the book by political theorist Hannah Arednt, who theorized in the context of the Eichmann trial that people who help to carry out unthinkable evils are not necessarily exceptional in any way but merely accepting the circumstances of their premises. This piece references the complicity of inaction and the normalization of evil in the holocaust.


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