Korean War Memorial

In Washington D.C. there is a memorial dedicated to the Korean war veterans on the the national mall.  The memorial was made in 1995 and serves to commemorate the sacrifices that were made by the soldiers estimating 5.8 million Americans who served in the United States military during the three year span of the war.  In those three years, 55,000 Americans died in support of their country, and 8,000 of those were listed missing in action, so either dead, buried, or lost in battle.  In addition to those dead, there were another 100,000 plus soldiers who were wounded during the conflict, and this memorial is dedicated to honor those military personnel who died and served our country.

The memorial consists of 19 large stainless statues that are all to scale of a real human being.  These statues were sculpted by Frank Gaylord and cast by Tallix Foundries of Beacon New York.  These statues consist of people from various military stations being, 14 from the army, 3 from the marines, one from the navy, and one from the air force.  “These statues of the soldiers are placed in patches of small bushes and are separated by granite strips on the ground, which give semblance of order and symbolize the rice paddies of Korea.  The soldiers are dressed how the would be during the actual war itself, wearing ponchos to keep the elements from intruding them, while also a place to carry and conceal their weapons and equipment.

There is also a mural wall that was designed by Louis Nelson of NewYork, who would work closely with Gaylord and the architect behind the piece.  They worked together in order to make a two dimensional piece just adjacent to the statues.  The wall consists of 41 panels that span over 164 feet and include over 2,400 photographs of the Korean War. “The etchings are arranged to give a wavy appearance in harmony with the layout of the statues, while the reflective quality of the academy black granite creates the image of a total of 38 statues, symbolic of the 38th parallel and 38 months of war.”

Korean war Memorial

The Korean War Veterans Memorial.  http://www.koreanwarvetsmemorial.org/the-memorial/ (Accessed April 26, 2017)


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