James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey is an American photographer born in Syracuse New york in 1948.  His photographic influence is mainly attributed to the images of the Vietnam war and civil rights movement, where he saw pictures that shocked and intrigued him.  Throughout his career he has gained recognition and honor was one of the founding members of the photo agency VII, where he displays his exhibitions there and across the entire world.

He explains his process as, “I can read my chosen art piece as a text because the picture i choose causes you to have a lot of emotions from it.  In this particular picture you see a man with scars all over his head and face. These scars tell a story of the tragedy he went through during the civil war.”  Nachtwey believes that his audience can include anybody that is interested in learning about war and the effects that it has directly on some people, and indirectly on others.  He believes that the audience includes everyone who has access to the picture itself and the people who live all over the world dealing with similar situations.  The man shown in this picture has deep scars all around his face that most likely came from being whipped during the time of the Civil War.  This picture is meant to make the audience feel sad and mad, making you remember what the struggles African Americans were facing during this time in history.  The argument that Nachtwey is trying to make with his piece is much like many other war photographers, that war needs to stop because it affects innocent people who have nothing to do with the strife, but have to live with the scars from it forever.


James Nachtwey.  http://www.biography.com/people/james-nachtwey-38952 (Accessed April 26, 2017)


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