One of the most devastating bombings that’s ever occurred happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing about 250,000 people and became the most intense slaughtering of innocent civilians in modern history.  However, despite such a tragic event, there have been a gap in photographs from the moment it happened.  The American occupation forces were made so that they censored the images “prohibiting anything that might directly or by inference, disturb public tranquility, and used it to prohibit all pictures of the bombed cities.”  All of these pictures still remain top secret and classified, however, some of the images have been made available to the public by different means than being released by the U.S. government.

On August 6, 1945 the U.S. sent down a uranium atom bomb that exploded 580 metros over the city of Hiroshima with a blinding flash and a massive mushroom cloud of smoke from the massive amount of fire that was spread everywhere.  The heat was so severe it reached around 4,000 degrees Celsius destroying and radiating everything in it’s path.  It’s high pressure shockwave alone was able to vaporize thousands of people, animals, children and housewives, who were just going about their daily routines. The explosion was hot enough to melt concrete and steel, and within only seconds, nearly 100,000 people had been killed or fatally injured and left with severe radiation poisoning.  These people who suffered radiation poisoning didn’t all die right away, but there health gradually began to worsen and they would end up dying.

Despite the tragic loss of countless human lives, the U.S. justified themselves as it was a necessity in ending WWII, and save thousands of lives that the war was continuing to take.  However, the debate is that Japan claimed that they had already surrounded, and the United States dropped the bombs sheerly to prove their military might.


Hiroshima.  http://www.fogonazos.es/2007/02/hiroshima-pictures-they-didnt-want-us_05.html (Accessed April 26, 2017)


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