Robert Capa

Robert Capa is a Hungarian war photographer, who is known for his daring attempts at taking photographs during war.  Capa originally fled Hungary as a teenager, where he would move to berlin and enroll in college.  While he was there he witnessed the rise of Hitler, which had prompted him to move to paris where he would eventually change his name from Endre Friedmann, to Robert Capa.  During his career he went to and photographed many wars, but none as efficiently as the Spanish Civil war, where he would risk his life on the front lines of the battle field in order to get a great shot.

In possibly Capa’s most famous piece, the falling soldier, he is around the battlefield during the spanish civil war, where he never actually looked through his lens in order to take a picture.  In in interview Capa said that he was in the trenches with the Republican militia, where he would witness men quickly poking their heads over the trenches and fire their machine guns, or being shot by the enemy soldiers.  Most of the time Capa would see men briefly stick their heads up to fire, and at the next moment they were shot themselves and laying dead in the trenches.  In this iconic photo of the Falling soldier captured in 1936, Capa was able to capture the exact moment a soldier was getting shot, while Capa just rose the camera above his head as to avoid danger to himself.  This piece is iconic because it’s actually in the midst of the spanish civil war, and Capa is exposing himself to death just in hopes of capturing a successful photograph.Unknown

The Met. (Accessed April 25, 2017)


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