Joseph Rosenthal

Joseph Rosenthal was born on 10/9/1991 in Washington D.C. to two Russian Jewish parents who were immigrants.  Eventually during his youth he would convert to catholicism and become interested in photography, which he started as a hobby during the Great Depression. In his career the most famous photographic he had taken was an image of five marines and a navy man hoisting an American flag on Mt. Suribachi, which is on the island of Iwo Jima.  This picture done near the end of world war two would eventually become a national symbol of patriotism, as well as the winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

The area of land that the flag was raised on was a very small island 760 miles south of Tokyo.  This spot was essential to the Americans because they needed Iwo Jima as an air base, but the Japanese had control of it during this time.  Eventually troops landed in 1945, leading to a month long of fighting claiming 7,000 american lives, and 21,000 Japanese.  Once the territory had been taken, they raised an American flag, but the commander of the unit wanted a bigger one to inspire his own men, and make it instill fear into their enemies.  Rosenthal and 6 soldiers would come back to the spot, and raise the flag again while Rosenthal would step back and take a picture.  This image has now become one of the most recognizable images of war. afa7e10e-837d-11de-9171-001cc4c002e0.image

Josh Rosenthal. (Accessed April 25th, 2017)


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