Response to THE CELL

thecellUpon entering The Cell in Denver,CO you are confronted with a large rusty and torn piece of metal that serves as a relic from the buildings destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Beside this artifact, a video plays a loop of presidents and other officials discussing the general issue of terrorism and what the effects are on a nation. After viewing the displays in the entrance you are ushered into a long narrow room. The first exhibit here are various boxes that can be opened by the viewer after they have contemplated whether the statements on the front of the box is true or false. This part of the museum also educates the viewer on the potential sources of money that fun terrorist groups. Many of these potential sources such as charities, private individual donors, and businesses came as a surprise. Also included in this segment were re-creations of tools that terrorists use to attack. These included a simple machete, a bullet-lined suicide-bomber vest, and bombs made with cell phones. In the middle of this room stands multiple screens playing loops of various terrorist attacks that have happened around the world.

The next part of the museum experience was a full emersion exposure to some of the terror that has occurred around the world. You are lead into a dark room where the walls are lined with screens displaying many graphic images of victims of terror as the sounds of bombs going off and people screaming play in the background. I did not spend much time in this room because I was very disturbed and became slightly claustrophobic. It was very very unpleasant, which I’m sure was the objective of that segment.

After the part, that I assume was “the cell” you enter the last part of the museum tour which teaches you the 8 ways that average citizens can help prevent terrorist attacks. Most of which include reporting suspicious behavior.

I found this museum to be somewhat helpful in educating and reminding people of past terrorist attacks and how there is potential for more. Because I am now aware, I suppose I might have more of an idea of what to report if I see something suspicious. But the overall agenda seemed to be brought about by a fear-mongering technique. I could see many people walking out of the museum having become very terrified of the world and it’s potential threats to the US. In recent politics we have seen this technique used to persuade the American people into voting for Donald Trump…and we all know how that’s turning out.


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