4,000 U.S. Deaths, and a Handful of Images-Schuyler DeMarinis-Reading #2

You always wonder what images are shown and what images are hidden from the public, censored by our government and news media. I remember when we bombed Baghdad and the pictures the next day seemed so vague it was as if it wasn’t even really that horrific. After reading the article 4,000 U.S. Deaths, and a Handful of Images by Michael Kamber and Tim Arango some of these wonders came to light. I always knew that images were censored and what is shown is chosen specifically to send a particular message to the public. I was surprised to read that the U.S. military barred the photographer Zoriah Miller from military facilities because of what he chose to show to the world.


Photograph by Zoriah Miller

            Clearly, there is a lot going on than we, as American people know about. It seems as if the military is getting more and more private about what they do, including the funerals. Essentially Miller became involved in a conspiracy involving a suicide bombing and the Marines. This is an ongoing dilemma between journalists and the military. It is interesting that they make such a big deal out of showing death, the death that they caused. When they are hiding it, it makes it seem as if they are doing something wrong.


Photograph by Zoriah Miller

            These are important conversations to be having especially in our most recent times. Our media today could not be any more insecure and untrusted. Our president relies on Fox News and then Tweets out his information. Thankfully we have Facebook to keep us up to date with the truth. It is becoming harder and harder for those who are either uneducated or unaware to get honest and genuine information. Hiding images from the public do not help this case. It is something to think about.



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