Blog Post 1-Schuyler DeMarinis

Here is an article from the New York Times that we all may find interesting. It ties in with our class for many reasons. It is about a musical titled Miss Saigon and was about life at the end of the Vietnam War. Since it’s opening in 1989, it has toured successfully as well as received a lot of scrutiny. It first came off, as very racist and portrayed Asian’s in the worst way possible. It not today has been changed much of its writing and direction and is again on Broadway since its cancellation in 2001.

I found it interesting because it was created to show life during the Vietnam War and obviously was meant to show them as bad people. You can compare this to the way that war documentaries are sometimes directed in ways to guide their viewers to think a certain way about the subject. This was done when the play Miss Saigon was first created. It would be interesting what point the playwrights are trying to get across to their audience this time.


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