Wallid Raad: Lets be honest, the weather helped

Wali Raad is a Lebanese artist and photographer. He lived in Beirut, Lebanon in the early 1980’s and was affected by the Lebanese Civil War which laster from 1975-1990. He documented the war by photographing different buildings and would also collected bullets from wherever he could find them. He kept detailed notes of exactly where he would find them and what kind of gun they came from.


In the photographs, he would place colored dots over the bullet holes left on various structures. The hues of the dots corresponded to the colors left on the tips of the bullets. The colors acted as specific codes left by the manufacturers to act as a mark for their cartridges and shells.


The color hues or markers that could be tracked to the manufacturer, also represented which country they came from. So Raad without knowing, cataloged all the countries that indirectly participated in the Lebanese Civil War by producing and selling their bullets and weapons to various militias in Lebanon. The countries consist of France, Israel, the USA, China, Saudi Arabia, and the U.K.




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