Emily Jacir- Dayton

Emily Jacir is a Palestinian multimedia artist and filmmaker born in Bethlehem in 1972. As a holder of an American Passport for her series Where we Come From Jacir asked Palestinians the question “If I could do anything for you, anywhere in Palestine, what would it be?” The question where are you from is one that cannot simply be answered by Palestinians so for her project Jacir recorded Palestinians wishes, their names and what country they hold a passport from. She then paired text recording these wishes with images of her fulfilling these wishes.



In her series Sexy Semite Jacir had Palestinians take out personal ads in the Village Voice newspaper looking for a Jewish mate in order to return to Palestine. In the ads Jacir gave guidelines for the content including that the participants address the Right of Return, and use the word semite to describe themselves, as this term is only associated with Jews in the american understanding.




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