Omer Fast: 5,000 feet is the best

Omer Fast is a video based artist from Berlin who works with the psychology of contemporary trauma, often having to rely on the recollection of events through a cinematic way.  In his work he tries to define the relationship between reality and fiction and how stories can change when being told by people with different perspectives.  Many of his works examine modern conflict today such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the film 5,000 feet is the best, the story is focused on a predator drone operator.  In this interview the drone operator discusses the technical aspects of his job, while also recalling incidents of unmanned plane firing at both soldiers and civilians.  He documents the psychological difficulties and trauma experienced by this drone pilot who sits for an interview in a dark hotel room.  This story is told in flashbacks that form a story about this drone operator.  Instead of looking for the appropriate news and documentary footage of this incident, the film is deliberately miscast and misplaced in Las Vegas.


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