Blog Post1: Pete Muller: War Photographer

Pete Muller is a US born photojournalist who works mostly in Kenya and West African regions. He is interested in the topics of war and social movements and telling stories through his photography. The first three photographs shown below are from his series on the rape trials in Eastern Congo. The victims are shown with their heads covered to not only keep their identity hidden but also to represent the stigma that gets put on victims of rape and their families in wartime in the Congo.

What I found most compelling and quite disturbing honestly were his photographs of the OFASTS shooting convention in Missouri. This series pictures Americans enjoying a weekend of bringing together their families to play with some of the largest guns and explosives available for recreation. What I find fascinating about these images is that when compared with the rest of Muller’s work, the contrast between American’s relationship with war and the experiences of those in war-torn countries are stark. In America we seem to celebrate violence and guns possibly because we have never experienced war first hand. Republic of Congo Warpetemuller9


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