War Photographer: Steve McCurry


Steve McCurry is an American Photographer, who started capturing images of war during the 1970’s, during the cold war when conflict was ensuing on the borders or Afghanistan and Pakistan. He says that he originally went to Afghanistan because he felt there was a story that needed to be told. He is troubled by the Americans involvement in foreign countries especially countries such Afghanistan because we “overstepped” or “wasted peoples lives and billions of dollars that could’ve been spent on healthcare or education.”

McCurry likes his photos to be “technique-less” and to be very straight forward, captured portraits. His most famous photo is of the “Afghan Girl” Sharbat Gula, which was on the cover of National Geographic Magazine in 1985. While his shots are captured in portrait style, they can range from various different forms of devastation and catastrophe. Most of his work has been captured in the Middle East, from countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait.


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