Dix & Goya: The Grotesque



Goya: “The Consequences”

“The Disasters of War”

Graphic: mutilated, mangled, rotting, violent

The flesh eating vulture print is similar

A lot of texture and requires you to really engage in the piece to notice the details

Sunken in face

Overwhelming because of the amount of birds/bats

Impending doom


Singular body not an obvious depiction of the other bodies


Dix: Skull (Schädel).

The war provided a windfall for scavengers such as worms and maggots. Trench rats roamed as big as beavers. Gas was sometimes a welcome respite as it decimated these pests.

The texture is detailed

Similar in the rotting and “becoming one with the earth”

Also singular death, but because it’s a skull it speaks for the masses


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